Ultimate big picture

Ultimate big picture into the far reaches of the universe.

In a news article about Nick Risinger, he started a project as an amateur astronomer and photographer, he photographed the entire night sky from our rotating planet, as it revolved. He then created a map with 360-degree view of our universe, which can be viewed on his flash based interactive website, the ultimate picture.

Here is a quote from the article: “SEATTLE – Nick Risinger has always gazed up at the sky. But last year the amateur astronomer and photographer quit his day job as a Seattle marketing director and lugged six synchronized cameras about 60,000 miles to capture an image of the entire night sky”……“When he realized the work was too monumental, Risinger quit his day job as a marketing director of a counter top company to devote himself full-time to the project. He also persuaded his retired father, Tom, who lives in Gig Harbor, Wash., to join him”.

The original news article was at this url: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_night_sky

I visited the above website and was awed by the quantity of stars that appear as you zoom into the depth of the universe, the stars almost appear to be like dust flakes suspended in air, visible in a ray of bright light. There is also the “i” radio button that by clicking it, it reveals the constellations and objects that have been mapped out into patterns of the stars.


Take time to look around the universe, from the perspective of the planet earth, the top center, the bottom center, spin to the left, that’s the way the earth spins (anti-clockwise) and try to imagine what it is like be on an orbit in mid space. The starting point unknown, and the ending point unknown, just lot’s of space, lights, and absence of light, endless opportunity potential for pictures of the stars.

Ultimate big picture of the universe is truly a stunning object for Visual Art.


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