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Nordic Cuisine Focus is regional nature photography and natural food ingredient blog, i place entries on the seasonal changes that are happening here in the Nordic region.

Nordic Cuisine Focus delivers information on the Nordic region, digital images of natural impressions of the environment, regional ingredients,  seasonal farmers markets and Information technology stuff like cameras, lenses, text readers and more.
Today is the Equinox for 2011, now were moving from a shadow/night dominated seasons to a day/light dominated seasons.  Already the seasonal change is being felt, and is both audible and visible.  Thermometer has moved from the – (negative) to the + (positive) side, some of the migrating birds have returned to the north (i have seen some sea gulls, and swans) the birds are singing in the trees.  The snow has started to melt from roads and pathways and the water is streaming along the road side, when the afternoon sun is out.

Nordic Cuisine Focus has many interesting articles on tradition, culture and ingredients.

Nordic Cuisine Focus content includes lot’s of digital images, pictures can communicate and affirm a thousand words within a few seconds, effortlessly.  There are links to picture galleries, and also links to other sites, and some links to camera gear, books and nutrition just to name a few.  Nordic Cuisine Focus is a window view of our world here in the Nordic region, and at times with a close focus to specific topics of interest.

Nordic Cuisine Focus