Nordic cuisine

Nordic cuisine, ingredients and flavors are in many ways a projection of the Nordic seasons, culture and tradition, environment and land.

The Lapland region of Finland and the Nordic cuisine has a strong tradition of using reindeer meat for peoples protein needs as well as the local fish from rivers, lakes and ponds.  There are also many game meats in the Nordic cuisine, the most common one is moose, that becomes available during the autumn hunting season.  Game birds like wood Grouse, willow Grouse, black Grouse and Hazel Grouse and Pheasants.

Brown bear meat is also available in the far north Finland as part of the Nordic cuisine experience for the tourist interested in trying out novel meat dishes in Lapland.  Tourists all over the world like to try out novel food dishes, whether it is Crocodile or Emu dishes in Australia, or monkey meat dishes in the jungle of Amazon.

Nordic cuisine Starting plate from the Lapland region.

Nordic cuisine
Lapland tasting plate. Copy @ All Rights Reserved. 2010.


Nordic cuisine Tenderloin steak with smoked reindeer, redcurrant jelly and green beans.

Nordic cuisine
Reindeer meat. Copy @ All Rights Reserved 2012.


Nordic cuisine style Red meat, pan jus and roast vegetables.

Nordic cuisine
Tenderloin meat and roast vegetables. Copy @ All Rights Reserved. 2010.

The Nordic cuisine items shown above were taken at the Sallan Tuvat, Kiela Restaurant kitchen at Salla Finland, (East Finland) where i was working in 2010.

Nordic cuisine.