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About us.

About us Nordic cuisine focus project is to produce digital images and articles of information.
The Nordic region has its own distinctive environment, landscape, natural ingredients, seasons, history, community, customs, tradition, and culture. Their contribution to the global community is unique.

Nordic Cuisine Focus.

Nordic cuisine
Nordic Oats.Copy© All Rights Reserved.2011.

About us, Hi! my name is Vesa Leinonen, I returned back to Finland back in December 2008, after living overseas in Australia for over 37 years, i have returned back and i am now creating content to the Nordic Cuisine Focus .com.  I was Originally born in Finland,  and i feel comfortable in the Nordic environment and climate (radical seasons) and thoroughly enjoy the extreme cold conditions, warm summers, and the Nordic cuisine.

About us at Nordic cuisine focus is keep an eye on the seasons.

The arrival of spring here in the north is very different from the southern hemisphere. Here, the change from winter to spring takes off like a rocket. When the snow has finally melted in the final several weeks of June or May (depending on the latitude), the new growth and sprouts are already appearing on the plants and trees. Within one week, many birch trees change from being completely bare of leaves, to being almost entirely covered.
Local producers and farmers markets are a very big part of authentic Nordic cuisine, and also of interest to me. I enjoy visiting the local farmers markets as they become available with the change of seasons. Some of the pictures I take are often posted on this Nordic Cuisine Focus blog. With my commercial cookery/chef training background, I fully appreciate the labor, knowledge, care, and sacrifice that the fishermen, producers, and farmers put in when getting the products to the marketplace.

Photography and the Nordic cuisine focus is an art form that i have grown to appreciate more and more in the last several years.

Nordic cuisine
Bilberry flowers.Copy@All Rights Reserved.2011.

Photography is a useful, precise tool in bringing the many aspects of nature to people’s awareness. I enjoy copying and sharing nature. Photography is a visual art form of plants in their natural environments. To bring more awareness of the Nordic cuisine to the public, and for the purpose of educational, especially in the health, food, and nutrition is my ultimate goal. I want individuals to be more aware of the unique natural ingredients that were a core part of the culture the past 500 – 1000 years. The task of farming and food production for a community has been and still is extremely taxing. When a labor of love produces food with healthy nutrition value, that should be acknowledged and rewarded. But today often “food” manufacturing and production is done purely as a profit-generating money machine and money is the only priority. This is done even at the expense of young children being fed refined sugars, additives, and food colors that are detrimental to their health. The early years of children are growth years. They grow physically and adopt habits that they may carry on for the rest of their lives, whether good or bad. Today they do not experience the full value that healthy food and nutrition can provide long-term.
The Nordic Cuisine Focus blog will continue to add many more images to galleries that portray the ever-changing seasons, environment, culture, trends, and the availability of natural food ingredients procured by fishermen, farmers markets, and foragers.

Here is the link to my Photo Galleries.

Most of the images/pictures that you see here, and the links to other galleries, are about nature, regional environment, natural food ingredients, cuisine, architecture, and design. I hope you find the time to view the windows to our world through Nordic nature.

To read more about my profile visit LinkedIn website from here Vesa Leinonen.


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ingredients, nutrition, customs, tradition and culture.