Carrots: Carotenoids

Carrot is the most cultivated and consumed vegetables in Finland.  It’s roots go back to the the west Asia in Afghanistan, that is where the carrot is believed to have first sprouted and grown.  The ancient carrots were a different color than what we consume today, they were a deep purple color.  Farming of purple carrots with the yellow carrots, brought about a color blending, and in 1400 the first orange colored carrots appeared.

Carrots have nutritional benefits for the heart and the eyes.

Carrots came to the Nordic region during the 1500 from Holland to Denmark. Carrots
have lots of antioxidant compounds so therefore health benefits.  They are an excellent source of pro-vitamin A Carotenes, they help to fight against free radicals.  To eat carrots is very good health choice, it contains many nutritional benefits for the heart and your eyes vision (beta carotenes).

The carrots are also a very good source of ; C and K vitamins and dietary fiber.

Carrots are a good source of minerals as well; potassium, vitamin
B6 (pyridoxine), manganese, molybdenum, vitamin
B1 (thiamin), vitamin B3 (niacin), phosphorus, magnesium, and folate.

Freshly grated carrot juice was also used as medicine for children, e.g. Coughs, worm prevention and cuts.  Carrot juice was also believed to be a purifying agent for the blood and the Cardio-vascular system as it written in the 1832 cook books.

After consuming carrots the body can store some of the vitamin A, if eating a lot of carrots the color orange will be visible on the persons outer skin.  The old saying ” you are what you eat” may be true in more ways than one.  Is it true than people who grow (and eat) olives end up looking like olives?  Also people who grow (and eat) red apples end up looking like healthy red apples.  So what do you want to end up looking like? It’s your choice?

Pictures of carrots.