East Finland

The extreme winter sub-zero temperatures have finally arrived to East Finland in 2012.

February 2012 has brought about a change in the climate of east Finland , cool air streams from Siberia has brought down mercury down below -30’C.  These measurements  of the temperatures usually come early in January.  The winter of 2012 seems to be back on track but some four weeks late, the effect of the cold should be seen in the ice conditions over the many lakes, especially in the south of the Arctic region.  This will enable tourist operators of east Finland to use snowmobiles and husky dog sleighs on tracks that run on lakes and along frozen rivers, and enable ice lake fishermen to access the many lakes safely.

East Finland
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 East Finland in many areas has remote wilderness areas for wildlife observation.

East Finland
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East Finland winter holiday activities at the Hossan Holiday Park.

A wilderness hotel located some 70km south of Kuusamo (east Finland), there is the Hossan Lomakeskus (Hossan Holiday Centre).  They have a range of winter activities e.g. Snowmobiles, husky dog sleighs, snow shoe hire, XC-ski hire and reindeer park trips.

Hossan Holiday Centre web link.

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