Seasons do change.

Seasons do change

Seasons do change, the autumn season in Finland is called the month of  “Syksy” (pronounced; Su-k-sue),  the month of September is called Syys-kuu, meaning the Syys-moon (pronounced; Zues-coo).

At the change of seasons the summer seasons is most likely the most favored by the majority.

Summer (Kesä-pronounced;”ke-sa”), starts at the beginning of June, June is the “Kesä-coo”, meaning the Summer moon.
Seasons do come and seasons do go, right now the Summer has just arrived  (yesterday 1.6.2011) with a warm morning and afternoon thunderstorm showers.

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The rain comes down with a down pour, at the change of seasons.

The rain is always welcome early in the summer vegetable/fruit/grain growing seasons, seedling and plants need lots of natural water to grow and flourish.
Change of the seasons brings more: moisture, sunlight, warmth, rich fertile soil, clean air and lots of pollinating bees and butterflies is heaven on earth for the plant life and the insects, bees, birds and other critters that depend on it for survival during the warm summer seasons.

Seasons spring/Kevät: (pron; “kev-at”).

This months seasons change, now in April is the Spring time here on the West coast of Finland, clear days with bright sunlight.

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The sea ice has started to break up, and is drifting along the coast as the currents and winds have affect on it.  Ice-free water is patchy, migrating sea/water birds flock to the ice-free waters.  Swans, sea gulls, geese, and other variety of birds.

Winter/Talvi: (pron;”tul-vee”).  This months seasons change, is late winter, here now with lots of sea ice visible on 20.3.2011.  The sea ice is very strong and good fun to ski on.  No trees in the way or hidden rocks under the fresh snow.  Good solid ice to ski on, no need for ski tracks, it is just a matter of choice and direction that you choose to take.

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