Fresh New Year is here now 2016

Fresh New Year is here now 2016

Fresh New Year is here now 2016  don’t waste it.  Fresh New Year 2016 as a concept is a very positive one, especially if you make good positive choices in life. The ultimate end in life is the summation of the person choices made the journey, and of course there are some exceptions but the 99.9 % of people end up where they are because of the choices they a have made in life.

Fresh New Year is here now 2016

Choices are sometimes conscious and also  unconscious.

There are choices that are made in life that were not really personally conscious choices, the choice may have been made because of parents guidance or peer pressure, or maybe desperate circumstances that push the individual to make desperate and morally bad choices in life.   They too are the minority of people that are forced to choose that which they don’t want to, or which they would not choose if they had a say in the matter. They are the exceptional desperate circumstances that require a moral specialist who understands ethics and morality with competence. Because the majority of people defend their own bad choices by giving excuses that they had no choice.  When the reality may be that they had never learned or paid the cost of the sacrifice  to moral choices at the time of temptation.  To make a bad moral choice  may seem to be a very attractive proposition at the time, but ultimate it is a bad decision and a poor moral judgement.  However such choices are common in humanity, and with age the wrong decision can become a more clear over time as more wisdom is attained. To reverse the trend in bad decision-making, one needs to acknowledge the past mistakes and to confess the wrongs and the sin. By that the action there is a change at the spiritual level, and that is where real change takes place, at the spiritual level.

 Holiday Greetings
and Best Wishes
for a New Year of Happiness
in a World of Peace

Whatever is beautiful,
Whatever is meaningful,
Whatever brings you happiness…
May it be yours this Holiday Season
and throughout the coming year!

May you find peace, love, and the
true spirit of the Holiday Season

Warmest Greetings of the Season
and Best Wishes for
Happiness in the New Year

Wishing our Friends and Family
a Joyous Holiday filled with Peace,
Love, and Prosperity.
Best Wishes for a Healthy New Year!

Are you feeling depressed?

Depression and sadness can be caused by negative feelings and poor environment, which may be due to lack of creativity, not able to change the circumstances and the personal environment. Simply put a person has become stuck in a depressing rut. The way out of such rut is to be proactive.  Here are some simply steps to get out of a depressing rut:

Clean the house, start by removing useless rubbish and thoroughly make the living space really tidy with lots of free space. Including removing clutter from table tops, benches, room corners, wardrobes and cupboards. There is nothing unusual about such clean up, because in normal life things do accumulate over time and it needs to be taken care of by removing useless clutter every so often.

Fresh New Year is here now 2016 , start again with an immaculate Environment

Think of the time when you first moved into the space that you live in, can you remember how much spare space there was, how the floors space was also free of clutter. It may be practical to return the living space to the original state few times as a reminder of reality, and to help you keep focused on the goals that you want to achieve in life. Useless clutter can be a distraction in the living space and it can eat up much energy and waste it.  The alternative is to use the energy focusing on the goals that you need to reach and do every day in order to reach the big goals in your life that you perceive to be situation where you are healthy, happy and content in life.  The beginning of the New Year is such a time to really do a thorough clean up of the home and living space, but do it with respect to the other people that may be sharing it you. Some people don’t understand how a living space can be a distraction to the goals in life. Maybe they have no personal goals in life. So it is good idea to share the New Year clean up idea with the people that you share the living space with, so that they are informed of the virtues of starting the New Year from a clean slate to make plans and clear objective goals for the New Year to work towards.

New Years is a chance for all of us to leave our mistakes behind and start fresh. Let’s freshen up! Happy New Years!

Thank you fro visiting this site and reading up on this Fresh New Year is here now 2016.

I hope it was useful and meaningful for your new year!  Cheers!