Innovative digital technology company

Innovative digital technology company

DJI is Innovative digital technology company, DJI has developed a series of a quad-copters called the Phantoms that have evolved into an integrated flying system with aircraft, camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, a controller and the pilot’s mobile device.  These quad-copters are mainly intended for aerial cinematography and photography applications. The Phantom 2 Vision+ features a camera and a gimbal system manufactured by DJI. It is capable of taking 14 Megapixel still shots and recording high-definition (1080p) video.

Innovative digital technology company
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Innovative digital technology company line of products

Phantom 1
Phantom 1 is DJI’s first small size Ready-to-Fly VTOL, integrated multi-rotor aircraft for aerial filming.

Phantom 2
Compact, highly integrated flying platform that is compatible with DJI Zenmuse aerial gimbals that allow you to fly with your own camera. For the Phantom 2 with H3-3D bundle, Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal is included for extreme camera stability and silky smooth video recording. But you do need to buy the GoPro Camera. There are many models available, White, Black and Silver series. The prices vary from around $350-$450.

Phantom 2 Vision+
The Phantom 2 Vision + comes stock standard with a DJI 3-Axis Gimbal and a 14MB camera as advertised
Flagship Phantom 2. All-in-one system, now with a 3-axis stabilization gimbal holding the included 14MP HD camera. Live view via a dedicated mobile app.

Phantom 3 Advanced. 
More intelligent, more powerful, and more accessible than ever before, the Phantom 3 offers an immersive, fun flying experience.

Inspire 1 UAV
The latest is the Inspire 1 UAV. It is considerably heavier than the Phantom series with a new platform design.
The body structure of the Inspire One is made of a strong carbon fibre, tubular structure arms arm’s that swing out and lift out of the camera view. The use of this new transformer design enables a full unrestricted 360° view of the flight path and the terrain below. This adds to the flight experience making the camera more unrestricted by the flying Inspire One UAV platform.

DJI’s most advanced technology comes together in an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable.

It is not rocket science. It is easy if you just have a keen interest to explore the environment, and interest in photography and video capture, the platforms are relatively easy and simple to use, if you can follow instructions, and be responsible with the flying camera platform.

With this practical information with tips and tricks on the purchase phase of acquiring a camera drone, here is a resource with more information; you’ll be able to use to make your decision based on the current DJI models available.

To discover the world of the DJI flying cameras. This can be a new start to a fresh new looks at your natural world environment, click here:

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