Easter decorations

The Christian Easter tradition is also celebrated in Finland, the word “Pääsiäinen” (Easter), meaning end of fast, the 40 day period prior to Easter Sunday.  Palm Sunday to Good Friday, and the celebrated Easter Sunday. In the Christian church as the most important celebration day is the Resurrection Sunday.

There are many types of traditional Easter decorations e.g; Easter rye grass, painted egg shells, willow baskets, decorated flowering willow branches with bunny tails.

Young Children (4-12yrs) in some areas go door knocking to bless their neighbors for the coming spring/year, they are rewarded usually with some lollies/biscuits or a few cent donation.

Two opposed traditions during the Easter weekend.

It is the opposite of what the custom of the Trolls was back in the dark ages, apparently the story goes that there were witches that went around during the time between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, because there was a belief that during that time landowners pets and live stock was susceptible to curses, so they gave it their best to punish the landowners pets and live stock.  Mostly they were outcast single women on the fringe of society and also bitter of their misfortune.

Pictures of flowering Easter willow bunny tails.