The autumn season and the Amazon Kindle e-book go hand in hand as the cascading seasons keep on rolling on the planet earth, now is the time that autumn season is about to give way to the winter season here in the Nordic region.

I have written and published an e-book through Amazon Kindle e-book.  The subject that i chose is history, and the story of the book starts at the Glacial maximum 90,000 BC, and the formation of an Ice Lake around 12000BC. It is those events that create the setting and the environment that the early pioneers seek and find.

My Amazon Kindle e-book story goes on about the indigenous peoples that lived on the shores of the Ice Lake which became the Baltic Sea for  about 8000 years.  It was not until 800AD that the Vikings arrived and opened up the River Highway to the far east through the Neva River-lake Ladoga  and beyond.

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Here is a small glimpse from the beginning of my first Amazon Kindle e-book:

“The Baltic Finns had a call of the wild in their blood, and the excitement of adventure, to go out and explore their back yard in the Nordic region. There were many real dangers, lurking in the dark unknown pine forests of the Nordic region. The flat terrains of the lake country, with thick bushy tree tops, autumn fogs and winter darkness, all increasing to the doom and gloom of getting lost. Also natural predators like the roaming brown bears, howling wolves and the charge pointed antlers of a wounded deer, was a real life threatening challenge during the Stone Age, when they faced the wild predators with the burnt sharp tips of the wooden spears, hefty clubs, bone edge knives and stone tipped arrows”.