Spring holiday Lapland

Spring holiday in lapland is very active and a dynamic time.

During the  spring holiday in Lapland the most common recreational activities are trail skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe treks, snowmobile trips, husky dog sleigh trips, overnight snow camping (log cabins), ice fishing and leisure time dining and wining.

Spring holiday in Lapland is an active family recreational time for many tourists, the most common holiday duration is one week.

That allows time for activities and recovery during the on/off the slope days and to go sight seeing and to discover and learn the regional history and other places of interest.

Spring holiday in Lapland during April to May most likely have many days of sunshine and calm weather.

Spring holiday in Lapland
Spring season.All Copy Rights Reserved 2012. Nordic Cuisine Focus.com

Spring holiday in Lapland with should include the many opportunities to enjoy the regional food ingredients at the local restaurants.

There are many restaurants in the Ylläsjärvi and the Äkäslompolo region that have fine selection of regional food ingredients on their menu.  One such place is at the Ylläsjärvi, the name of the restaurant is called Pihvi Keisari. I visited the Pihvi Keisari during my spring holiday in lapland and Ylläs during the March 2012, the service from the personnel was great, really genuine food service.  The food dishes that i tried was a a regional tasting plate from Lapland (entree).  The food ingredients were really fresh and flavoursome, small portions of meat, fish, bread and pickles/sauce.  For the main course i tried the white fish (siika) with a fennel nettle white wine sauce, and regional Lappi puikula potatoes, freshness, great flavours and texture, i was really pleased with that dish overall.  The dessert that i chose was a vanilla ice cream served with strawberry syrup, refreshing combination of natural flavours.

Spring holiday in Lapland
The spring season.All Copy Rights Reserved 2012.Nordic Cuisine Focus.com

 Fine Restaurant of the Ylläsjärvi-Pihvi Keisari.

spring holiday in lapland
Ylläsjärvi.All Copy Rights Reserved 2012. Nordic Cuisine Focus.com

When planning for your spring holiday in Lapland visit my picture gallery to see more pictures of the Lapland environment and the many Tundra mountains in the Ylläs and Äkäslompolo region.  Also to purchase a print of the pictures, visit the following gallery link here, Skiing in Finland click on it and enjoy the memories of your spring holiday in Lapland.