Nordic summer flowers

Summer flowers are now blooming in all of the prime colors.

There are red, blue and yellow summer flowers, they are called Primary colors because all other colors derive from them, except black and white, which are not true “colors”.

Every week new types of summer flowers appear along foot paths and road sides, there are flowers on flower plants, and there are flowers on berry plants.  Bilberries and Lingonberry plants have flowered, they are showing the small pips of the berries already.

Wild strawberry plants also seem to be more abundant than the previous years, it looks like a promising start to a good berry season.  All that can very quickly change if there is subzero night temperature, it could diminish the early berries during the early summer season, it would not be the first time it has happened.

Abundant Prime colors during the summer season can also be translated food and Nutrition later on the season.

The prime colors of the summer flowers, as well as the symmetrical shapes and the perfume scent of the flowers attract insects, bees and birds to do their thing in the seasonal pollinating process of plants and flowers.  The advertised message of “food available” in the plants for the insects, bees and the birds, makes the process complete and possible for plants to produce fruit and multiply.

Summer flowers and fruits are really interesting, they share many things in common, they have similar bright colors, they use colors to attract consumers, and they also have similar plant seeds.  The color of the flowers may be different to the color of the fruit, e.g. the Bilberry flower is a light pink color, as the fruit is a dark blue color.

summer flowers

Nutrition is most abundant during summer and autumn season in the Nordic region.

Prime Colors and Prime Health. 

As mentioned earlier summer flowers and fruits have many things in common, the above link has an alphabetical list of fruits and some related facts about each one.

prime colors
Prime Colors. Copy @ All Rights Reserved 2012.

Summer flowers, prime colors and Nutrition should be on your mind this summer, if you are in the Nordic region.

If you happen to be living elsewhere in the world and it may be a a winter season currently, even then you can have prime colors as a reminder of good healthy Nutrition on your mind, and there are pictures available of summer flowers.  For more information on Nutrition follow links.