Nordic cuisine origin

Nordic cuisine origin

What is the Nordic cuisine origin (regionally), where does the roots of a culture sprout and stem from.
From the Gulf of Finland to the Barents Sea, the land area has many lakes, swamps, creeks, rivers and forests, it is shaped by the elements of Nature over tens of thousands of years.

Nordic cuisine origin has a long history with its own story to tell, it has evolved over time and created it’s own unique regional ingredients.  The long history of indigenous peoples, pioneers and settlers has shaped the cultural Nordic cuisine origin.
The life in the landscape and environment with diverse ingredients already existed long before the first humans came to this region after the last Ice Age melted away, some 10 000 years ago.
Nordic cuisine origin in the hunters and gatherers, what was their regional smorgasbord and cuisine? They were hunting, fishing and gathering berries, herbs, mushrooms, bird eggs and vegetables during the summer months.  Winter storage provisions of dried fish and meat, berries and vegetables.

The Fennoscandia region of the north has a unique environment and a regional Nordic cuisine, by its proximity to the far north  Arctic/Polar region.

The winter chills and ice puts constraint on life for 6-8 months of a year.  The early pioneers needed real robust life experience and vital survival skills to survive the long winters that could go on for 6-8 months of the year, the other option was to migrate back down south to escape the bitter cold of Nordic winter.  Survival against the bitter cold elements of nature, that at times snap freeze to 30-50’C, camping out under a shelter/snow cave.  They were armed and rugged in animal furs to keep warm, and maybe a wood burning fire during the night, which would require more fuel for burning during the long dark nights (18 hours of darkness during the mid-winter, even when a clear sky).  The Nordic cuisine origin goes far back in time to the early days when the land became fertile and supported its own unique Nordic biodiversity.

nordic cuisine origin
Transparent Ice on a clear day.

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