Motivation To Goal Setting

Motivation To Goal Setting

Motivation to goal setting is vitally important to make any progress in life style changes. it take energy and power to be able to make changes in ones life, and that power comes from motivation naturally.

If you knew that you could achieve anything you wanted to, maybe get that job that you always thought was slightly out of your reach or find and build that wonderful new relationship which has remained somehow elusive, that would be amazing wouldn’t it?

Keep the thought positive. Don’t get annoyed with yourself for not using the resources before. Focusing on a negative energy will probably prevent you from moving forwards. Focus on what it is that you actually want, the outcome you desire.

Motivation To Goal Setting

All you need is motivation and goal setting.

Goal setting and performance

Goal setting improves performance when:

– Goals are specific
– Goals are difficult
– Goals are Challenging
– Goals are Attainable
– Goals are participatively set
– Goals are most often for individuals, but may also be team/group based

In order to stay motivated, observe the following:

1. Identify your Values, Beliefs and Desires
What is important to you motivates you. This simply means that if you assign a value to something important, you are more likely to do what action is required to reach the goal.

People’s goals and desires grow from their values and beliefs.

Draft a list of your values, beliefs and desires. Take time to think about the interrelations of the items.

The list should be a source of motivation and must help you achieve goals you have set. The quality and depth of your motivation is directly related to your commitment. You must be sure that you can live up to reach the goal you have set.

Taking this for granted could lead to frustration that could diminish your motivation.

2. Do a Self-Assessment

Do an informal assessment of your existing abilities. Have a reflection on what you know about yourself. Accuracy and honesty is essential at this point. Underestimation or overestimation would result from inaccurate assessment of one’s abilities.

If you already have an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and you know what you value and desire, it is now possible to establish personal goals.

All goals should incorporate these common attributes:

A. Realistic

Goal setting should be realistic. The goals set should be based on your existing abilities and circumstances.

B. Possible

Remember not to establish goals that would make the realistic, unrealistic.

C. Flexible

Always anticipate obstacles along the way and learn how to move around them.

D. Measurable

Have a time frame so you would know if you have reached your goal.

E. Under Control

Remember to set your goals based on your own values and beliefs. Target goals where it is possible for you to control the outcome.

3. Role of Personal Circumstance

You should be in a position to be able to act on the goals you have set. Failure to consider your personal circumstances would impair your motivation and goal setting.

Changing circumstances always influences goals. If your circumstances change but your goals doesn’t adapt it could undermine your motivation.

People are often unwilling to adapt and adjust to the situation. It is hard for them to adjust their self-expectations. There are times when people can get frustrated and lose their motivation.

Motivation and goal setting can be maintained if you would take into account your personal circumstance.

Redefining goals is very important to remain motivated and stay on the path to success.

4. Breeding Success

Personal circumstance, motivation and goal setting affect the outcome of success.

If you failed to reach any of these steps, your motivation will diminish, you would fail to work up to your abilities, and this would dampen your chances of success.

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Healthy Life Equals Success

Healthy Life Equals Success

Healthy Life equals success is very close to the true meaning of what life is all about, people should prosper in their physical health, spiritual health and their soul should also prosper with good health. Every day people feed their body food, so that it has the energy that they need and also to keep everything functioning at optimal levels as possible.

Healthy Life Equals Success
Jasmine flowers.

One of the most valuable projects in anyone’s life is one that gives a healthy body. This is natural for every human to think this way. Mostly, we have a habit o putting the important things to be done in the later time and this is what happens with such projects.

If you wish to start a project then you need to set objectives which are practical and sensible. Such targets would be easy to be achieved as there would not be much pressure on you. Let’s say, that losing 4- pounds would not be a target which cannot be achieved, it is a realistic approach. This is a goal that anyone can reach without much pressure. And the rule is not be frightened with the goals as there are a lot ideas that can assimilate the mind along with the body and courage to stay firm on the decision.

Healthy Life equals success explained

1. Firstly, follow a healthy diet full of nutrition. The nutrition works as fuel for the body which makes the body keep working, such is recommended by the health care specialists. Eating the right food with optimum nutrients and one that is fresh is a must. In addition to this take supplements for vitamins and herbs.

2. Rest as much your body needs. For the rapid eye movements it is a must to get the right amount of sleep and one without any interruptions. The body is refueled and if there is healing required to be done, these are also done by the working of the nervous system. If you have lethargic feeling it means you need rest. You may take a nap or sit back to relax for a while. If you have sleeping disorders then you must consult a doctor. Exercises cannot be done if you are not hale and hearty.

3. Focus has to be maintained on the goals that you have set now and if there were any failures in the past they are to be forgotten. Such feelings trouble. You must be happy over the things and opportunities that you have now. Simply carry on with what you have set your goal for.

4. Body must be in fret and carry on with exercise schedule. Focus must be on burning the calories and pushing the excess fat out of the body. Mind needs to be inspired and exercises must be included to keep the mind pricking. Keep the mind active by challenging it to move ahead with increasing, training, searching and interpreting things. Meditation can be included too. This helps in reducing the stress and not letting the heart rate rise. This in turn increases feelings of calmness, happiness and keeping fit.

5. Support of family and friends is a must. With care and love and appreciation of these people around it becomes easy to accomplish fitness goals.

6. One of the best things that must be done is laughing. This heals the body and keeps one healthy.

All the above tips can help in improving the quality of health and life of every individual. it is up to the individual to make their life as healthy, fit and good as possible.  The easiest way is to avoid bad habits, full stop.  Think and reflect on life, choose that is which is wise choice for life.

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Health & Fitness For Success

Health & Fitness For Success

Health & fitness for success are the essential building blocks for healthy and happy living. Life at the core everywhere is interactive with many elements which make the living breathing organ systems of life that are dependent on the right environmental conditions that sustain life.  Fish swim in oxygen rich water and birds fly through oxygen rich air.

It’s a great saying that more fit you stay, more productive you will be. It is a matter of fact that healthy people will stay less absent, whether it is at school, college or at work. Importantly you can be able to handle stress also. Along with it you will possibly develop a positive attitude towards living your life. It is a great source of self-esteem and self-confidence. A man with good health will stay longer life happily and also enjoy his life with healthy mind and body. Even you can get this healthiness if you go through a constant physical exercise. If you want to achieve a secure and healthy life then you will have to commit to fitness for the rest of your life.

Health & fitness for success
Sea Eagle over the waters of the Coral Sea

Health & fitness for success in spiritual contentment

If you make a commitment for life time then you will stay safe from poor feeling of obesity. A former general surgeon Dr. David Satcher found that excess body fat and body weight is epidemic. He said that this epidemic causes death to approximately 300,000 people each year. As a matter of fact excess body fat is now becoming the secondary reason of death in the US. Many physicians always remind their patients to focus in their physical fitness to avoid this type of frightening epidemic. They even try to declare this fact publicly. So what is the reason that many people are growing unhealthy?

The reality that more body mass can influence and harm an individual’s health is no more a breaking news because this is a fact that has existed for ages. This fact is in the history and has yet not been resolved. Neglecting obesity raises health problems drastically and dramatically. Physical fitness is one of its major reasons. Rush paces, fast moves. You can find almost any adult running in a hurry. I wonder how not they get time for themselves and their health.

Many people who are not in active work have a tendency to neglect a very important every day activity, to go outdoors and walk, jog, run, ride, ski, skate, or swim. the most critical element of everyday program, i.e. workout. This problem has become much worse with the advent of technology. Climbing staircase is out of fashion and they have been replaced by elevators and escalators. These days you do not have to stand up and move towards the table to fetch a file because you have a swivel chair. So this way the physical fitness has been kept on stake.

Health & Fitness For Success in every day outdoors activitites

Physical Fitness is something that requires a dynamic engagement. Every day things have become more convenient, instantaneous delivery, especially food. In case you want a healthy life and not an instant life then you will have to commit yourself on fitness because this will prove to increase the length of your life. Keep in mind that workout is an important meal of the day that should not be neglected.

In case you are a very busy man then you can choose a twenty four hour gym or fitness center. This way you can attend the gym at any time and the service will be as according to your working schedule.

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Your Reason To Quit

Your Reason To Quit

Your reason to quit cigarette smoking can be for at seven reasons, 1. Because smoking is a serious health hazard, 2. Your family, partner, and friends are affected by the passive smoke. 3. Your smoking has negative influence on your children development for healthy living and good habits.  4. It is a waste of money. 5. Your partner will start eventually smoking if they are a non smoker.  6. It is inconvenient, all those circumstances, and moments in life,  having to get up during the night to light up a cigarette, as it it was a lifeline? 7. Humans are not designed to be inhaling the tobacco smoke into their lungs.

Your Reason To Quit
Sunsets at the Coral sea

Your reason to quit explained

People who choose to quit smoking without an actual reason to quit find it much harder to quit. When the going gets tough, they typically have nothing to look at as an ultimate motive. What might seem entirely impossible for one consumer can seem like a total dream for others. If you find that you are in this position you need to sit down and really analyze your decision to quit. Decide on the specific reason and write it down if necessary so that you always have a reminder. You may be surprised at just how helpful it is to write your wishes down.

If you are struggling to quit smoking, you are certainly not alone. Each year there are millions of adults who choose to stop smoking. Each year there are also millions more who start smoking. This creates a never ending cycle of adults struggling to quit, learning the best ways to quit smoking is never easy. While there are plenty of excuses that tend to circulate all around, there are also several great resources that can be a huge help as you are struggling with the idea of quitting smoking. What might seem easy for you to master one day, might be your biggest headache another day.

It is extremely important to gain a thorough understanding of why you want to quit smoking. Simply waking up one morning and deciding to quit typically does not work. You need to have a specific reason that you are determined to quit. Whether your reason is for improved health, due to the request of your doctors, because you want to save money, or you just really want to be alive for your children. Ultimately, the reason itself is not important. The important thing is having a reason.

Your Reason To Quit with the help of your friends

If you have to talk to others to help you decide upon the specific reason then feel free to do so. This can often be a great exercise to help you strengthen your resolve to quit as well. What might seem like a simple idea on paper may seem completely overwhelming if you start thinking about it. Talking to someone can help you to once again realize that it really is simple. Additionally, talking to someone about your desire to quit can be great to help you realize the temptations that you may encounter as well as ways to conquer those temptations.

Choosing to quit smoking is not an easy decision. The fact that you cannot simply quit is going to make it much harder. Many people find that they are absolutely terrified to quit smoking. They believe that they just do not have what it takes to quit successfully. Finding yourself in this position is often scary. It is important to have a good network of supportive people around you. From your friends to your family you need the mental support of people who believe in you. Feeling down is going to be normal at times, but your support network should be quite helpful in boosting your confidence again.

Gaining the strength to quit smoking will take some practice. Overcoming all of the temptation is difficult of course as well, but pulling support from your friends and family, as well as making a conscious decision to quit will go a very long way in your struggle. What starts as a completely overwhelming process will ultimately seem quite simple. You will be able to quit smoking, you might have difficulties but you will ultimate come out triumphant over the cigarettes.

Regaining control of your life is possible, and with your support network in place, you will be able to ensure you are around for a very long time, and your health is much better. Simply deciding to give up on your attempt to quit smoking is not possible. You will be able to regain control, using your own strength and pulling the support of those around you it really is possible to change your life for the better, one cigarette at a time.

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Why Do You Smoke?

Why Do You Smoke?

Why Do You Smoke? Every smoker has their own beginning, family and friends, their personal  emotions, likes and dislikes, best friends, and the circle of friends from neighborhood, school and work place. There is also the circumstances of life, and habits that people choose through their instinct and personal choices.

Why Do You Smoke?
Sunsets at the Coral sea

Why Do You Smoke? Explain.

Many people smoke for a wide range of reasons. They can range from something as innocent as smoking when you are depressed, stressed or when you just want a quick pick me up. The idea that smoking a cigarette will make your projects go away is an innocent idea, but in reality, it is completely incorrect. Typically, what is actually beneficial is the fact that you are able to take a few brief moments out of your life to see exactly what is going on. One such example is those who work at a stressful job, looking forward to your next cigarette break is often going hand in hand with trying to break away from the stress for a few brief moments. Learning how to cut down the stress at work can be very helpful to cutting down the number of cigarettes you need as well.

Why do you smoke? Quitting is humanly possible.

Trying to quit smoking is not easy, learning the exact reason why you actually smoke is often critical to the success of the project. If you discover the exact reason why you are smoking it can make it so much easier to actually determine how to find the success that you need, in order to quit for good. Simply trying to quit for reasons that do not pertain to your situation will leave you upset and frustrated. You are likely to feel as if you are nothing more than a failure, and your overall situation is not likely to be impressive at all. However, if you take the time to discover why you specifically smoke, you will be surprised at just how much easier it is to stop.

Other reasons that many people smoke is due to being under the impression that they will not be able to smoke. This comes back to the old idea that you are never hungry at night except for the night before a medical test when you are not allowed to eat after 8p.m. Suddenly that very night you are positively starving and think that your doctor is punishing you badly for some reason. The same thing happens to smokers. If you are going somewhere and you think you will not be able to smoke, the urge to smoke may be much stronger. This often has nothing to do with actually needing or even wanting to smoke. It is nothing more than a mental game that we play with ourselves.

Many smokers find that they are only interested in smoking if they are bored. Having nothing to do leads to idle hands, which can easily create problems. Learning how to keep yourself busy is not easy, but trying to avoid boredom can often go a very long way in the battle to stop smoking. Taking the time to create a schedule for yourself that you can keep, without leaving too much down time is important. If you pack your schedule with too much, you will create stress, which could cause you to smoke even more, if you have too much free time you could become bored which can also lead to smoking more. A properly balanced schedule will ensure that you are productive without stressing.

Why do you smoke? When there is so much life on earth to be discovered and to live a healthy life.

A final consideration that you need to take into account is getting plenty of sleep. Many people smoke because they need a pick me up in the middle of the day. Finding yourself in this position is not good. Avoid staying up excessively late whenever possible. Even going to bed early once a week can add up to reducing the sleep shortage that you are experiencing. As lives are increasingly busy, it is quite easy to forget how important sleep really is. This can create a huge need to do something, almost anything to actually stay awake. Avoid smoking and ensure that you are getting the rest you really need. This simple step alone can help you to cut your smoking by as much as half if you are dedicated to getting the sleep that your body really needs to survive.

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Steps To Stop Smoking

Steps To Stop Smoking

Steps to stop smoking can be well planned, organized and backed up with the right information and facts about healthy living. That is the crux of of the issue, the bad habit of smoking, and it really is a serious health hazard.  And to make a change in the lifestyle, away with the bad habit, and replace it with the healthy lifestyle of living.

Steps To Stop Smoking and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Trying to quit smoking will likely take a very large amount of dedication and determination from you personally. At the same there are plenty of problems that you may encounter as well. Knowing what these potential problems are and having a specific plan for your success is important. Knowing exactly what you are trying to do will enable you to plan for success, rather than merely stumble along trying to quit.

Steps To Stop Smoking
Sunsets at the Coral sea

Steps To Stop Smoking explained.

Step 1.

You need to take the time to create a plan to quit smoking. This means looking at the reason why you smoke, and working to create a plan that will help you to succeed. If you are addicted to nicotine then you need to look at a product to help you slowly curb the nicotine addiction. If you merely smoke because you are bored you should look for thing to do to keep you occupied instead of bored. However, if you are smoking because you are stressed out then your plan should include a way to reduce stress as well.

Step 2.

Seek all of the help you can get. With help coming in the form of stop smoking aids, as well as support from your friends and family it will be very important to get anything you can. If you have a lot of problems getting the help that you need, you should work to resolve these problems before you attempt to quit. For example, if you have a very tight budget and cannot afford the nicotine gum that you might need, save up money for a couple of weeks to purchase the gum to start with. Then once you have what you need, start working to actually quit.

Step 3.

Log your progress. If you write down your goals, and also how you are progressing towards your goals you are making yourself accountable for everything. For example, if you decide that you are going to reduce your one pack a day habit to only 10 cigarettes each day it is important to write down each cigarette that you smoke. This will allow you to see a specific pattern to your smoking, and also make sure you are aware of how many cigarettes you are smoking each day. You may find that as you are writing down each cigarette you decide to skip a few just so that you do not have to write them down. If you choose this method make sure you are really honest with yourself. Cheating on your log will get you nowhere very quickly since the information is all incorrect.

Step 4.

Celebrate your success somehow. If you have managed to go 24 hours without a single cigarette, you should celebrate. This does not mean you need to throw a gigantic block party for each tiny milestone but you do need to do something. If you treat yourself to your favorite coffee, ice cream, book or even the purse at the mall you have been eyeing it will help encourage you to continue on your path of success. Save up a huge party, or even a dream vacation for once you have quit smoking for a longer period of time such as 1 year for example. This will give you a huge incentive to continue the success and you can use the money you save from stopping smoking to fund the trip or party.

Always ensure that you follow these steps and you will find that in no time at all, you will be able to join the ranks of the non-smokers of the world. Taking advantage of all of the help available as well as holding yourself accountable is a huge step in the right direction. Knowing what you should expect from yourself is also helpful because you will be able to anticipate problems before they appear. Merely waiting until problems do occur is asking for a disaster. You owe it to yourself to quit smoking successfully, and these four suggestions will get you there in record time.

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Fresh New Year is here now 2016

Fresh New Year is here now 2016

Fresh New Year is here now 2016  don’t waste it.  Fresh New Year 2016 as a concept is a very positive one, especially if you make good positive choices in life. The ultimate end in life is the summation of the person choices made the journey, and of course there are some exceptions but the 99.9 % of people end up where they are because of the choices they a have made in life.

Fresh New Year is here now 2016

Choices are sometimes conscious and also  unconscious.

There are choices that are made in life that were not really personally conscious choices, the choice may have been made because of parents guidance or peer pressure, or maybe desperate circumstances that push the individual to make desperate and morally bad choices in life.   They too are the minority of people that are forced to choose that which they don’t want to, or which they would not choose if they had a say in the matter. They are the exceptional desperate circumstances that require a moral specialist who understands ethics and morality with competence. Because the majority of people defend their own bad choices by giving excuses that they had no choice.  When the reality may be that they had never learned or paid the cost of the sacrifice  to moral choices at the time of temptation.  To make a bad moral choice  may seem to be a very attractive proposition at the time, but ultimate it is a bad decision and a poor moral judgement.  However such choices are common in humanity, and with age the wrong decision can become a more clear over time as more wisdom is attained. To reverse the trend in bad decision-making, one needs to acknowledge the past mistakes and to confess the wrongs and the sin. By that the action there is a change at the spiritual level, and that is where real change takes place, at the spiritual level.

 Holiday Greetings
and Best Wishes
for a New Year of Happiness
in a World of Peace

Whatever is beautiful,
Whatever is meaningful,
Whatever brings you happiness…
May it be yours this Holiday Season
and throughout the coming year!

May you find peace, love, and the
true spirit of the Holiday Season

Warmest Greetings of the Season
and Best Wishes for
Happiness in the New Year

Wishing our Friends and Family
a Joyous Holiday filled with Peace,
Love, and Prosperity.
Best Wishes for a Healthy New Year!

Are you feeling depressed?

Depression and sadness can be caused by negative feelings and poor environment, which may be due to lack of creativity, not able to change the circumstances and the personal environment. Simply put a person has become stuck in a depressing rut. The way out of such rut is to be proactive.  Here are some simply steps to get out of a depressing rut:

Clean the house, start by removing useless rubbish and thoroughly make the living space really tidy with lots of free space. Including removing clutter from table tops, benches, room corners, wardrobes and cupboards. There is nothing unusual about such clean up, because in normal life things do accumulate over time and it needs to be taken care of by removing useless clutter every so often.

Fresh New Year is here now 2016 , start again with an immaculate Environment

Think of the time when you first moved into the space that you live in, can you remember how much spare space there was, how the floors space was also free of clutter. It may be practical to return the living space to the original state few times as a reminder of reality, and to help you keep focused on the goals that you want to achieve in life. Useless clutter can be a distraction in the living space and it can eat up much energy and waste it.  The alternative is to use the energy focusing on the goals that you need to reach and do every day in order to reach the big goals in your life that you perceive to be situation where you are healthy, happy and content in life.  The beginning of the New Year is such a time to really do a thorough clean up of the home and living space, but do it with respect to the other people that may be sharing it you. Some people don’t understand how a living space can be a distraction to the goals in life. Maybe they have no personal goals in life. So it is good idea to share the New Year clean up idea with the people that you share the living space with, so that they are informed of the virtues of starting the New Year from a clean slate to make plans and clear objective goals for the New Year to work towards.

New Years is a chance for all of us to leave our mistakes behind and start fresh. Let’s freshen up! Happy New Years!

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Innovative digital technology company

Innovative digital technology company

DJI is Innovative digital technology company, DJI has developed a series of a quad-copters called the Phantoms that have evolved into an integrated flying system with aircraft, camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, a controller and the pilot’s mobile device.  These quad-copters are mainly intended for aerial cinematography and photography applications. The Phantom 2 Vision+ features a camera and a gimbal system manufactured by DJI. It is capable of taking 14 Megapixel still shots and recording high-definition (1080p) video.

Innovative digital technology company
All Copyrights Reserved.

Innovative digital technology company line of products

Phantom 1
Phantom 1 is DJI’s first small size Ready-to-Fly VTOL, integrated multi-rotor aircraft for aerial filming.

Phantom 2
Compact, highly integrated flying platform that is compatible with DJI Zenmuse aerial gimbals that allow you to fly with your own camera. For the Phantom 2 with H3-3D bundle, Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal is included for extreme camera stability and silky smooth video recording. But you do need to buy the GoPro Camera. There are many models available, White, Black and Silver series. The prices vary from around $350-$450.

Phantom 2 Vision+
The Phantom 2 Vision + comes stock standard with a DJI 3-Axis Gimbal and a 14MB camera as advertised
Flagship Phantom 2. All-in-one system, now with a 3-axis stabilization gimbal holding the included 14MP HD camera. Live view via a dedicated mobile app.

Phantom 3 Advanced. 
More intelligent, more powerful, and more accessible than ever before, the Phantom 3 offers an immersive, fun flying experience.

Inspire 1 UAV
The latest is the Inspire 1 UAV. It is considerably heavier than the Phantom series with a new platform design.
The body structure of the Inspire One is made of a strong carbon fibre, tubular structure arms arm’s that swing out and lift out of the camera view. The use of this new transformer design enables a full unrestricted 360° view of the flight path and the terrain below. This adds to the flight experience making the camera more unrestricted by the flying Inspire One UAV platform.

DJI’s most advanced technology comes together in an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable.

It is not rocket science. It is easy if you just have a keen interest to explore the environment, and interest in photography and video capture, the platforms are relatively easy and simple to use, if you can follow instructions, and be responsible with the flying camera platform.

With this practical information with tips and tricks on the purchase phase of acquiring a camera drone, here is a resource with more information; you’ll be able to use to make your decision based on the current DJI models available.

To discover the world of the DJI flying cameras. This can be a new start to a fresh new looks at your natural world environment, click here:

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Natural Nordic berries

Natural Nordic berries

Natural Nordic berries are a great source  of natural nutrition and Phenolic compounds from the natural Nordic ingredients.  The primary one’s are the Nordic berries, herbs, and mushrooms from the Nordic land environment.  There are also vast fish stocks in the freshwater creeks, rivers, ponds, and lakes.

The modern Industrialization of a society with factories and dam building did affect the quality of the fresh waters during the 50’s to 70’s. Since then many problem areas have been cleaned up and the free flow of pollution into natural rivers and lakes stopped for good.
The Gulf of Finland is being mostly affected by the many large cities along its shoreline.  Then there is also the fish stock in the Bothnia Sea, herrings, Baltic herrings, perch, and salmon, which does get fresh water flowing into the Bothnia Sea bay, especially during the spring season, while the winter snow and ice melts from the catchment areas and flows into the Bothnia Sea. Last but not least is the far north Arctic Sea, where the clean Arctic waters are filled with large resources of fish, like Arctic cod and salmon just to name a few, plentiful with large resources of seafood.

Natural Nordic berries and the traditional berry forage culture


The most common Natural Nordic berries that are foraged and harvested by the local peoples do vary some from region to region, and the local environment and also the latitude.  Not all berries grow equally; they can be located at very specific areas especially with the development of modern farming, draining of bogs and swamps.  The cultivation and expansion of the pine forestry, forest harvesting and the modern urban development, with the growth of cities, roads and highways. They have all affected the land areas in many ways where natural berries did grow naturally and undisturbed for many hundreds of years, if not for thousands.

Natural Nordic berries
All Copyrights Reserved.

Natural Nordic berries environment

Wild berries do need a particular natural environment, with the right soil acidity, moisture and the right amount of sunlight. Trees can be a problem to natural berries, trees drink a lot of water during the summer season, therefore draining the top soil of water, and the large grown trees also block the sunlight from reaching the ground cover.  Thirdly the trees can act as a wind break, blocking out the pollinators from getting access to the berry plants. Much of the natural landscape where Natural Nordic berries seem to thrive best are mostly  open with only some trees scattered around about, with a natural water source close by, peat and moss, springs, creeks or rivers, and  wet marsh areas that keep the ground cover and foliage moist during the hot dry summer months.

Sweet nutrition from Natural Nordic Berries.

There 6 popular berries that do grow naturally in the Nordic environment without any intervention from humans. They are Lingonberries, Bilberries, Wild Raspberries, Cloud-berries, Cranberry, and the wild Strawberry.
All these berries can be found at some of the local farmers markets during the mid to late summer season, the berries do not all ripen at the same time, they do vary a lot and the peak season is relatively short for some berries, all berries are not equal as when they ripen and how long the season lasts. As well as the wild berries there are also farmed berries from the Nordic countries as well as the rest of Europe, the most common ones are the big bright red round strawberries and large raspberries.   The wild berries never grow as big as the farmed ones.
The other 4 berries mentioned are not farmed in the Nordic countries, at least not farmed in Finland, the wild berries do not adapt well to artificially manipulated environments. They are very sensitive to the natural growing stages of their growing environment.

Nutrition highlights of the Natural Nordic berries.

Vitamin C. Sea buckthorn berry has a very high vitamin C content, some 165mg per 100 grams, compared to 50mg of an orange, and 65mg in a kiwi fruit, per 100 grams. Cloudberry is also relatively high in vitamin C, at 100mg per 100 grams of fresh fruit weight.  Vitamin C. RDI is 75mg/day.

Vitamin E.  Sea Buckthorn berry is 3 mg/100 grams.  Cloudberry also 3 mg per 100 grams. Bilberry being close to 2mg per 100 grams, and Lingonberry at 1.5 mg per 100 grams.  Vitamin E. RDI is between 8-10mg/day.

Natural Nordic berries and Essential fatty acid content

Content of Essential fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids.
Sea buckthorn berry is at 240mg (omega-6) per 100 grams of fresh berry weight. Omega-3 content level is at 330mg/100 grams.
Cranberry, Lingonberry and Bilberry all have the same omega-6 level at 125mg/100 grams.

Source:  National Institute for Health and Welfare. 2013.

Phenolic compounds in the Natural Nordic berries.

Nordic berries do have polyphenols in the skin of the berries, similar to the dark red wine grapes skins, that contain the polyphenols. What is a polyphenol, here is a definition.

“A polyphenol antioxidant is a type of antioxidant containing a polyphenolic substructure. Numbering over 4,000 distinct species, many of these compounds have antioxidant activity in vitro but are unlikely to have antioxidant roles in vivo.  Rather, they may affect cell-to-cell signalling, receptor sensitivity, inflammatory enzyme activity or gene regulation”. – Wikipedia.

Polyphenols are not classified as a nutrient, but extensive research has been done, and the conclusion is that the polyphenols, similar as the vast research done over many years on human health and Carotenoids has yielded results that prove that the Carotenoids do positively affect the quality of life.

They protect the many millions of molecular cell structures of the body from the attacks of free radicals. Free radicals break down good molecular structures, by their dynamic chemical reactions.

“A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in an outer shell. While a few free radicals such as melanin are not chemically reactive, most biologically-relevant free radicals are highly reactive. For most biological structures, free radical damage is closely associated with oxidative damage. Antioxidants are reducing agents, and limit oxidative damage to biological structures by passivating them from free radicals. – Wikipedia.

Natural Nordic berries with the natural Polyphenols and carotenoids have yielded results that prove that they do positively affect the quality of life. Take a minute or two view the picture galleries of the natural Nordic berries today.

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Happy New Year 2015

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